Our People

Board of Trustees

Oakwood Cemetery is owned and managed by The Troy Cemetery Association, Inc. Board of Trustees. The Board consists of 11 unpaid volunteer lot owners who are elected by their fellow lot owners. The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting policies, fundraising and managing the finances, personnel and property of Oakwood. 

Click here for a complete list of Oakwood Cemetery Presidents from 1848 to present.

Our Staff

Oakwood employs three full-time employees and hires seasonal hourly workers during the summer. Oakwood has a stable and loyal workforce of three, including the administrator and grounds supervisor, who each have more than 25 years of service. Thomas O. Maggs, President of the Oakwood Cemetery Board of Trustees, says of them: 

The dedication and brilliant management of our Chief Administrator Bernard Vogel is a key reason why this national treasure called Oakwood is in such a strong position today. Bernie has been a member of the Oakwood team since 1978, and it is our hope that Bernie will continue in his position for decades to come. 

Our Superintendent of Grounds Thomas Gibson has been with Oakwood since the early 1980’s. His work ethic and willingness to take every challenge presented to him gives us the best of the best. 

Todd Jackson, the Assistant Superintendent of Grounds, has made his mark, not only in his capacity as Assistant Superintendent, but also as a gifted artist whose work has been used as presentation gifts on an annual basis for Oakwood’s Award of Excellence. 

These three professionals oversee the seasonal staff that works so hard to keep Oakwood a welcoming and sacred place for all.

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