Friends of Oakwood

Talented Volunteers from All Walks of Life

The Friends of Oakwood Cemetery assist the Oakwood staff with their day-to-day tasks, run a full slate of organized tours and other events, such as the annual Memorial Day tribute. They also organize our two major fundraisers, The Daffodil Brunch in April and the Evening at the Earl gala in October. 

This all-volunteer organization, led by Jessica LaClair, devotes not only their time and talent, but also their unselfish spirit of giving. In the words of Thomas O. Maggs, President of the Oakwood Board of Trustees:

Oakwood is blessed with cadre of talented and energetic volunteers from all walks to life- from botanists to historians, from ecologists to educators, from teachers to students. All generations-young people, homemakers, retirees, singles–people of all faiths and beliefs give of their time and talent to enhance not only the legacy of Oakwood, but also to work in harmony to ensure its stable future. Without these good souls, we could not operate this national treasure.