Chapel Services

Celebrate a Life in the Splendor of the Earl Chapel

A unique privilege, free of charge, when you choose Oakwood

Featuring quartered oak ceilings, mosaic marble floors, onyx columns and eight original Tiffany stained glass windows, the Gardner Earl Memorial Chapel and Crematory has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

When you choose Oakwood Cemetery for burial or cremation, you are entitled to hold a funeral or memorial service in this magnificent building, free of charge. 

When William and Hannah Earl erected the chapel as a memorial to their son, Gardner, they stated in their request, “The use of the chapel for funeral services shall be for all times and forever free to those entitled to interment at Oakwood Cemetery.” 

Your funeral director can help you plan a service that truly reflects the unique life of the loved one you are commemorating. If you would like to schedule a personal visit to the Gardner Earl Memorial Chapel and Crematory, please call (518) 272-7520 or contact us online.

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