Bronze Memorials

A Simple and Dignified Rememberance

Oakwood Cemetery offers bronze memorials and cemetery markers to commemorate your loved one. Bronze memorials lay flat to the ground and are mounted on a concrete or granite *base. 

Oakwood Cemetery’s memorial Fountain Section (traditional burial) and a portion of our Overlook area (cremation interment-specific) are among the areas of Oakwood that are specifically designed for bronze memorials. Bronze memorials are permitted for use in all sections of the cemetery except the Urn Garden. Cemetery markers may be used to mark the boundaries of a family plot.

You can choose from a wide array of design elements, endearment phrases and emblems representing various religious affiliations. Surviving spouses of veterans can choose a bronze memorial for themselves which matches the style of those provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Our experienced staff will help you select and design a memorial that reflects the individuality of the life you are memorializing. Call us at (518) 272-7520, or contact us online to schedule an appointment. 

*Granite base requires an upcharge over typical concrete 
base installation.

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