Activity 3

Mapping Skills

In this activity, students will learn or reinforce their map skills using 19th and 20th century maps from the Troy Cemetery Association and the Rensselaer County Historical Society. Students will locate Oakwood Cemetery on Troy City maps. They will also identify key changes in the urban landscape that surrounds Oakwood Cemetery by comparing an 1858 map of the City of Troy to a current map of the City of Troy. Students will examine an Oakwood Cemetery map to identify locations of mausoleums, water sources and major buildings, as well as identifying and locating cemetery sections of Oakwood. 

Oakwood Cemetery Mapping Worksheet

This 1818 Map of Troy, drawn by John Klein, helps to tell the story of the growing community in Troy. The map shows Troy’s location on the Hudson River, important structures such as the courthouse and jail, plus Troy’s businesses, schools and cemeteries. All maps have a key or legend that helps to describe what you are looking at. There is also a compass point that shows you the map’s orientation. Compass points always are drawn facing north.

Click here to download a printable version of the student activity booklet.

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