Activity 2

Read the Stones

Students will learn or reinforce basic statistics and graphing by “reading a stone” for clues as to the person’s age, cause of death and indication of relatives nearby (i.e. single stone or family plot). Within that area the students will determine the oldest and youngest persons, and whether each person is man, woman or child. Students will look at death dates and also try to determine the cause of death such as: cholera, typhoid, yellow fever epidemics or casualty of war. 

Oakwood or Local Cemetery Data Survey Worksheet

This activity will enhance students’ math and statistical skills, as well as further class discussion of key historical topics, such as wars and breakthroughs in science, particularly in medicine. Using the map of Oakwood or your local cemetery, choose a small designated area. Have the students choose partners to share the recording of data for approximately 12 stones.

Click here to download a printable version of the student activity booklet.

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